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Welcome to the Supernatural University, an online central hub where you can find information on unexplainable and often unbelievable events that occur in our mysterious world.

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We at Supernatural University offer course in six main areas of study. Cryptozoology, UFOlogy, Conspiracy, Phenomenology, Magicology and the Paranormal. When you are preparing to learn that decision is not a choice to be taken lightly.



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For entertainment purposes, or what we like to call ‘edutainment,’ our imaginations guide us as we bring together fascinating tales from allover our incredible planet.

What our alumni say


January 3, 2024 ★★★★★

Fantastic content! The supernatural university covers a broad spectrum of topics in a concise manner. Perfect for those interested in paranormal phenomena and cryptozoology.


December 7, 2023 ★★★★★

Incredible resource for the supernatural! The variety of topics, from paranormal to magicOlogy, is impressive. The short lectures make learning easy and enjoyable.


March 5, 2023 ★★★★★

Impressed with the depth of information! The lectures on ufology and haunted places are intriguing. Earned a certificate and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


September 28, 2022 ★★★★★

Top-notch education on all things supernatural! The bite-sized lectures are well-organized and cover over 250 unique topics. Highly recommend for enthusiasts.


April 20, 2022 ★★★★★

Engaging and informative! The supernatural university provides a clearing house for understanding paranormal phenomena. The certificate program adds value to the learning journey.


November 9, 2021 ★★★★★

Thoroughly enjoyable learning experience! From phenomena to magicOlogy, the lectures are captivating. A valuable resource for those interested in the supernatural.


August 25, 2021 ★★★★★

Exceptional variety of topics! The supernatural university's lectures provide insights into haunted places, cryptozoology, and more. A great platform to earn a certificate.


May 12, 2021 ★★★★★

Enlightening content! The concise lectures offer a brief yet comprehensive overview of diverse supernatural subjects. An excellent resource for expanding knowledge.


July 14, 2020 ★★★★★

Educational gem for supernatural enthusiasts! The lectures are between two and four minutes, making it easy to incorporate into a busy schedule. Earned my certificate with satisfaction.


June 18, 2020 ★★★★★

Highly recommend! The supernatural university is a fantastic hub for paranormal and mystical knowledge. The short lectures and certificate program make it a standout choice.


Uncover mysteries and expand your knowledge beyond the supernatural. Ready for more wonders?

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